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I am so frustrated right now.  My mom informed me that she would no longer be helping me with daycare, and that’s fine.  I talked to my baby’s daddy about it and he offered to watch our daughter, but she … Continue reading

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Yes, I still nurse my baby

I still nurse my baby, who isn’t really a baby anymore.  In fact, she turned two in August.  I always said I would stop when she was one, then it became when she was one and a half, then I … Continue reading

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Sleeping Together

Rachel’s daddy brought up co-sleeping with me today.  This had been brought up before after one of the previous times she spent the night with him, before he started having her Tuesday nights.  In fact, I believe both he and … Continue reading

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Star Wars Day (aka: a day with my baby’s Daddy and his boys)

Today I got to do something I’ve been so excited to do since I heard about it.  Today I went to the Star Wars exhibit at the Discovery Science Center. I know, I’m a geek. I have been in love … Continue reading

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