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I’ve dreamed about him almost every night for the past 2 weeks.  He’s not in whatever plotline that’s going on in my head, but he’s always in there somewhere making an unwanted cameo. His appearances are subtle, never a main … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic…..

….which is what I have been telling myself most of the evening.  As usual, I didn’t listen to myself. So what caused this emotional turmoil?  I hadn’t heard from my baby’s daddy much over the last few days, if at … Continue reading

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I’m so very…..

….lucky.  No really, I am.  My life may be the soap opera from hell, but I have friends to share it with me and help me through. I know I’ve written…repeatedly….how very bad I am with words, and that I’m … Continue reading

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Bad Day

Today is a  bad day, emotionally. Today I woke up and couldn’t get out of bed for a couple of hours, not because there was any pain to keep me there, or because I was still tired (which I wasn’t), … Continue reading

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There is no shame in dying

What is it like to die? Is it quiet?  Is it that quiet you hear at 3am on a weekday when the world around you is still asleep?  That hush before the sun rises and shines it’s light upon the … Continue reading

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My biggest loss…..

As you anonymous, and most-likely non-existent, readers are probably aware, the last two years have been very difficult for me on a personal level (my career is doing great).  I’ve done a lot of healing, but am not yet a … Continue reading

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Happy Endings…..

Fairy Tales and Happy Endings……these are things that as children we are raised to believe in. The human race has been raised by stories.  Thousands of years ago, stories were told to remind us of our past, where we came … Continue reading

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