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I'm a medical coder by day, hermit by night, a 24 hr mommy, and a closet line-dancer whenever I get the chance. I love my daughter, I love my job, I love my friends, I love my cats, and I love my family. I love the dry heat, driving into the middle of the desert at night to see the moon and the stars, beading jewelry, torturing the unaware, and scaring people. People say I'm evil, but I'm not. I'm just a little mischievous.

The Kiss

I had a dream a few nights ago that haunts me still.  It wasn’t terrible, quite the contrary, it was pleasant.  I don’t remember much, really hardly anything at all, but I remember the kiss. I was with someone that … Continue reading

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Ye Olde Christmas Rant

I remember Christmas when I was a little girl, a long long time ago before cable, DVD, Tivo, DVR, Youtube, Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, and everything else technology has given us.   Back when there were 13 channels and no such … Continue reading

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Rapunzel, the untold story of the King and Queen

Everyone loves the Disney version of Rapunzel.  Its funny, great singing, children and adults both can watch the movie and enjoy it.  There is one scene though, that gets me every time I watch this movie with my three year … Continue reading

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A Different State

I used to have an active social life, to the point where staying home and not spending my evening out on the weekends was a luxury.  I deeply valued my alone time where I could just stay home, watch whatever … Continue reading

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I am so frustrated right now.  My mom informed me that she would no longer be helping me with daycare, and that’s fine.  I talked to my baby’s daddy about it and he offered to watch our daughter, but she … Continue reading

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Princess Rachel

Princess Rachel wakes up in the morning.  Mommy is there to greet her as soon as she opens her eyes to the morning light.  Princess Rachel gracefully yawns and stretches, then daintily rubs the sleep from her eyes before greeting … Continue reading

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Control Issues

My mother has never been able to control me.  She couldn’t when I was a baby, a toddler, a child, a teenager, an adult…never.  I was always a constant source of frustration with her, one that she has commented on … Continue reading

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Yes, I still nurse my baby

I still nurse my baby, who isn’t really a baby anymore.  In fact, she turned two in August.  I always said I would stop when she was one, then it became when she was one and a half, then I … Continue reading

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Anger Issues

Today had not been a good day.  Actually, nothing has gone right since I got home on Sunday afternoon. 1. The bathroom door was closed the whole weekend while me and baby girl were out of town, which means the … Continue reading

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Out of Control

Once again I am in a place where I have to address my shopping problem.  I have actually tallied up all the money I have spent in the last 3 months on clothes for my daughter, and it isn’t pretty.  … Continue reading

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